2017 VIP Beers

These beers will only be poured in the VIP section

Beach Plum Gose

Beach Plum Gose is the Blue Point twist on a traditional German sour ale. They brew this kettle sour with beach plums indigenous to the shores of Long Island for a unique tartness and add North Atlantic seaweed and locally cultivated sea salt for a savory finish. This Gose stays true to its style’s German roots and its brewers’ Long Island roots - so it’s a little salty yet approachable, just like us.

Citrus Plunge IPA

Citrus Plunge IPA is fresh off the Blue Point innovation line. Loaded with orange blossom honey and fresh blood oranges, this crisp India Pale Ale packs a juicy punch. The brewers hand-zested orange peel for an added sweetness that complements the blend of citrusy hops. Trust us – you’ll want to take the plunge with this brew.

Kili Wit

This unfiltered 'white' beer is brewed with African coriander and select yeast strains which provide an orangey fruitiness, mild tartness and subtle spicy phenolics. A dry, crisp, mildly hopped beer with a soft malt character from wheat and oats that develop a degree of creaminess with the malted barley.

Cerveza Provisional

A Farmhouse Provisional Ale, brewed with Paradox's farmhouse wild yeast blend re-fermented and aged for one year in Anejo Tequila barrels with limes, Tellicherry peppercorns and Red Rock Salt. Deep Golden color with an eventful fiesta flavor, delicate hints of the spices with tequila and oak aromas.

Tart Noire

Dark ale brewed with grape must aged in oak wine barrels

VIP Timed Releases

Galaxy White IPA
Session 1: 1pm • Session 2: 6pm

One of the new trails being blazed on the frontier of beer is the style known as White India Pale Ales. Galaxy White IPA represents a significant new landmark on that trail. With its use of fresh kumquats, Indian coriander, and black peppercorns, Galaxy pays homage to the early explorers, who sailed unknown seas in search of rare spices and exotic fruits. Captain Cook travelled from Australia to Alaska, and so have the Galaxy hops used to create this adventurous brew. Just as a true explorer never stands still, the presence of brettanomyces guarantees that Galaxy White IPA will keep evolving in the bottle for years to come.

Holy Mountain Smashed Grabbed and Hop Dusted
Session 1: 2pm • Session 2: 7pm

From the brewer:
“Have you ever been smashed, grabbed and hop dusted? It’s what can happen should you take a trip to Holy Mountain. A surreal David Lynch biker psychological thriller kidnap movie with Liam Neeson or Jason Statham, only there is no Liam Neeson or Jason Statham.Only good friends handing you delicious delights of hops and joy. Feel familiar? Then you’ve been hop dusted. Own it!?

Gravity Never Fails
Session 1: 3pm • Session 2: 8pm

Collaboration Porter between Brouwerij/Brasserie De Ranke and 2SP Brewing Company with experimental hops.