PROTECT YOURSELF: Tickets purchased from an unauthorized source may be lost, stolen, counterfeit or in violation of resale policies and if so, are VOID, and you will be denied entry. We strongly discourage you from purchasing tickets from an unauthorized source.

Is there an age limit to get into the show?

How do I buy tickets for this event?

I have a ticket for Session 1; can I use it to go to Session 2 instead? OR I have a ticket for Session 2; can I use it to go to Session 1 instead?

Where is the event being held?

How do I get to the event?

Is there taxi service available to and from the Expo Center?

What does admission include?

Will food be available?

What is the rate for the Designated Drivers?

How does the Designated Driver ticket work?

If I buy one ticket am I allowed to go to both sessions?

Is there a coat check?

Will parking be available?

What hotels are in the area?

I’m having trouble printing out my tickets, what do I do?

What time do the doors open for each session?

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

What items are prohibited?